Gal Gadot in costume as Wonder Woman

Michelle Maclaren and the great Marvel vs DC debate

What is rumoured as of now is Michelle Maclaren has walked out of Warner Brothers¬†“Wonder Woman” project. Rumoured because neither party has issued a statement. From the start the hiring seemed reactionary on WB’s part to one-up Marvel.

What does this mean for Warner Brothers and DC comics ambitious plans for these characters and potential franchises?

As stellar as Marvels cinematic track record has been their reputation for gender bias and lack of diversity in their casting has been some what checkered. So what better way for WB/DC to win brownie points with hardcore and casual fans alike? Sure they could hire the right creative people to spearhead their ambitious plans and plot the trajectory for these characters and franchises to take in years to come but that would be too much work.

“Lets just hire a female director and announce a title with a minority lead actor (Cyborg and some may argue the Jason Mamoa lead Aquaman) and also one with a female lead (Wonder Woman)!” exclaimed one executive at Warners.

That last part is fiction but I wouldn’t be surprised if a scenario close to that really played out.

I’d like WB/DC to win and I don’t want Marvel to lose. We’re living in an amazing age where both these juggernauts, and even countless others, can entertain and enthrall us. If only one of them gets their act together.

Everything so far seems mandated by higher-ups with the aim to please shareholders more so than genuinely respecting the properties and fans. Why are they not confident about these characters who have become a part of our collective consciousness in their last 70+ years of existence?

Marvel launching their plans with an almost second-tier character like Ironman speaks volumes for their confidence in their properties. On the other hand WB finally giving us a Batman and Superman outing reeks of an attempt to salvage their would-be franchise after the lackluster appeal of 2013’s Man of Steel.

No, I am not privy to any behind-the-scenes information or pretend to have seen anything from Batman v Superman. My whole article is based on my perception of information out there and that’s the first thing WB/DC need to overcome – Perception.

As a long time fan of these characters¬†I’d like nothing more than for the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to change whatever negative perceptions the public and I may have.


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