Honest Trailers: Entourage

HBO’s “Entourage”, as this honest trailer points out, is very much HBO’s “Sex & the City” for bros. You’ll either love it or find every excuse to hate it. Personally I enjoyed it until it’s craptastic final season (Entourage Season 8). The whole happily everafter bit was too much even by this shows mediocre standards.

Yes, the series was mediocre but the camradrie these guys shared and their lifestyle is something every guy would want. Find me a guy who denies that and I’ll show you a liar.

Enjoy this Honest Trailer for Entourage.

Entourage will be released in Singapore on the 4th of June 2015. A release date for Entourage movie in Malaysia is unavailable at the time of publishing.
Entourage will be out in US cinemas on the 3rd of June 2015.


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