Batman Superman and The Flash appear in new Hyundai advertisement

Batman, Superman and The Flash appearance in live action ad

We’re a long way from seeing the “Justice League” movies on the silver screen, not to mention still months away from “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, so forgive me for getting excited to see 3 DC Comic heroes appear in a live action advertisement.

Korean car manufacturer has managed to bring together Batman, Superman and The Flash in their ad for their latest line-up of cars. Don’t know much about the cars but this ad doesn’t make any sense. What have superheroes got to do with cars? Would being associated with a comic book character actually help move vehicular units? Why are all the extras human but our trio of heroes CGI?

Maybe I should learn to stop asking so many questions and just enjoy the appearance of The Caped Crusader, The Man of Steel and The Scarlet Speedster in the closest thing to live action we’ll get until March 2016.


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