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Minor players in Marvel’s Ant-Man expose major issue in Hollywood

Meet the minor players of Marvel’s Ant-Man:

  • Michael Pena – The current go to guy when Hollywood seeks a figure to appeal to the Hispanic audiences. They, the Latin Americans, do after all makeup the second largest demographic group of moviegoers in North America*. Marvel and any other studio would want to capitalize on that.
  • T.I. – Appealing to the “urban” audiences has also become important. In this climate of exposed race relations studios need to have at least one token member so here we have rapper turned snitch actor T.I..
  • Bobby Cannavale & David Dastmalchian – Why not cover all demographic groups by having an Italian/Cuban and … and .. well I don’t know the last guys ethnicity.

Such casting could be perceived as forward thinking. Cultures have opened up in recent times and it would seem backwards to not cast people of varying ethnicities. My only issue here is why are the minorities playing criminals here.

Possibly I’m getting ahead of myself as details of these characters haven’t implied they’re criminals (past or present). My assumption is based on Ant-Man trailers & TV spots, these still and the fact they all seem to be close buddies of Paul Rudd ex-con Scott Lang/Ant-Man character. If I were a betting man I’d guess at least the trio (Michael Pena, T.I. and David Dastmalchian) play con friends of Scott Lang who during the climax aid our hero in taking down the big bad baddie (House of Cards season one actor Corey Stoll as Yellowjacket).

Great! Minorities aren’t just criminals but it’s the white guy who saves the day (yes, I’m aware Rudd is Jew).

As a non-American I’m sure people would feel I should not comment. Perhaps. However, this isn’t justĀ an American issue. Minorities are always pigeon holed into these stereotypical roles even here in Singapore. Fortunately, I do see progress albeit at a pace slower than one would like. Guess we all just have to take the wins where we can.

*Statistics from MPAA Theatrical Market Statistics 2014


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