Janet Jackson No Sleeep music video J. Cole Malaysia Singapore Philippines alcaTsar blog

Janet Jackson and J. Cole hook-up and get No Sleeep

Janet Jackson J. Cole No Sleeep Music Video Malaysia Singapore Philippines alcaTsar blogJanet Jackson is almost a half century old. Let that marinate for a while before you commence to hit play on the music video for her latest single “No Sleeep” below.

Many music artists, especially pop artists, try to hold on to their youth longer than they really should (I’m looking at you Madonna). Some succeed to a degree (Jennifer Lopez for example doesn’t look half-bad trying to act half-her-age) while others decide to age gracefully.

For whatever it’s worth I’m glad Michael Jackson’s baby sister has decided to embrace this stage of her life. Well at least it seems that way from the music video for the first single “No Sleeep”. She’s joined by one of the current generations greatest hip hop artists J. Cole.

Check out the music video for Janet Jackson’s latest single “No Sleeep” featuring Jay-Z’s Roc Nation artist J. Cole:


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