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Captain Picard Treks Into Darkness

Sir Patrick Stewart hasn’t had a chance to really show off his comedy chops outside of his supporting role in “American Dad”. That’s all about to change as his new sitcom “Blunt Talk” is set to debut on American television on the 22nd of August 2015.

Check out the trailer for Sir Patrick Stewart’s new comedy sitcom “Blunt Talk” produced by Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane on alcaTsar blog:

The trailer without a doubt looks highly promising. Seth MacFarlane’s name attached to this had me worried but hopefully he plays a very, very restricted role behind the scenes. Look “Family Guy” was original and incredibly funny in the early 2000’s but since then his style of comedy has been run into the ground. Still skeptical? Does the name Jonathan Ames mean anything to you? If it does you’ll be glad to know he’ll be lending his wit here.

The show follows British newscaster Walter Blunt who moves to Los Angeles with the intentions of conquering American nightly cable news. However, his misguided decisions on and off the air prove that his ultimate ambitions will be difficult to come by.


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