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Cowboys & Sci-fi Meld in HBO’s Next Big Series

Earlier today I posted the teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming western “The Hateful Eight”. Keeping with the theme it’s only fitting I share HBO’s western series “Westworld” which will debut in 2016. Sure the teaser aired with the season finale of “True Detective Season 2” earlier this week but there are some of us who don’t spend every waking hour online right? Right????

Check out the trailer for HBO’s “Westworld” series on alcaTsar blog:

If the title “Westworld” sounds familiar than maybe you too, like me, have watched the cult classic 1973 sci-fi movie. My fondest memory of it is being terrorized by Yul Brynner’s portrayal of a killer android cowboy. No need to re-read that. “Westworld” is the name of a high-tech theme park recreating the old west. Catering to high net worth clientele looking to escape their mundane lifestyles it allows visitors to play out their wild west fantasies in a risk free environment. That is until a malfunction at the part makes the androids self-aware and out to kill.

Now if that plot synopsis sounds eerily similar to that of the original “Jurassic Park” there’s a valid reason behind it. Both works of fiction were written by the late Michael Crichton.

HBO’s new take on the property is backed by a strong pedigree of talents. Jonathan Nolan, better known as director Christopher Nolan’s brother and possibly the reason “The Dark Knight” was so good, created this version of “Westworld” together with Lisa Joy. Although his name draws a mix of reactions from fanboy J.J. Abrams also lends his name to the show as Executive Producer.

Having a big budget must be nice. You know they’ve gotten their money’s worth with Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood onboard.

HBO’s Westworld Cast & Crew Information:

Latest movie trailer on alcaTsar blog Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Phillipines Hong Kong India Created by : Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy
Executive Producers : J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy
Producers : Bryan Burk, Jerry Weintraub
Cast : Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Rodrigo Santoro
Website : HBO’s Westworld website

Westworld Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore Screening Date:

Westworld Indonesia Screening Date : Unavailable at time of publishing
Westworld Malaysia Screening Date : Unavailable at time of publishing
Westworld Philippines Screening Date : Unavailable at time of publishing
Westworld Singapore Screening Date : Unavailable at time of publishing
Westworld USA Screening Date : 2016

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