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Space Jam 2 finds its lead – NBA Superstar Blake Griffin

Check out the trailer for “Space Jam 2” starring NBA superstar Blake Griffin on alcaTsar blog:

Sike. Nah it’s just an ad for Nike’s Jordan brand.

There have been rumblings of a sequel to basketball legend Michael Jordan’s debut movie “Space Jam”. Would you prefer habitual whinner Lebron James or habitual winner Blake Griffin as the new lead? With his role in Jude Apatow’s “Trainwreck” winning him accolades it might just go to Lebron. Either way there’s no player in the N.B.A. at the moment who supercedes the sport and crosses over into the mainstream so whoever it is better bring his all.

Seeing the wizardry of melding live action with animation was awe inspiring when the original or the far superior “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” came out. Now with the amalgamation of living tissues in a animated world being more common place I wonder what the filmmakers can do to impress. Jon Favreau, who helped launch Marvel Studios successfully with “Ironman”,  seems to have been inspired by Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” . His 2016 adaptation of the Disney classic “The Jungle Book” is said to meld animation and live action in a unique way.

Maybe, if and when, “Spacej Jam 2” is officially announced they’ll find a way to make it stand out.


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