Origins of Groot revealed in Guardians of Galaxy animated cartoon Marvel Studios alcaTsar blog

Groots Origin Revealed

Groot origin Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Studio alcaTsar blog SingaporeLooking at the online chatter one would be lead to believe a new beef cooking. One that could rival the infamous East Coast vs West Coast hip hop beef. Except instead of people pledging allegiance to a rapper, record label or region they’re waving the flag of their favorite comic book companies.

Marvel vs DC is a real thing. Not just the fans but even staff are ready to get their hands dirty with the mudslinging. Whichever side you root for one thing, as of now, is clearly apparent:

Marvel Studios loves and understands it’s characters and knows exactly what endears them to audiences. DC, under the control of parent company Warner Bros, hasn’t exhibited this inate understanding.

How else do you explain a well loved character like Superman completely unrecognizable in “Man of Steel”? While on the other hand Marvel is able to, with a single movie, turn third or even fourth tier characters from “Guardians of the Galaxy” into beloved icons.

It’s easy to argue now that a pet raccoon and a simpleton tree are an easy sell but when Marvel announced its intentions to make a Guardians movie even fans cast a doubt. Goes to show having faith in your property and tending to it with love and care can take it a long way.

Learn the origins of Groot from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” on alcaTsar blog:

Until the sequel comes along in 2017 get your fix of the Guardians of the Galaxy from the animated series which premieres in the US on the 26th of September 2015.


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