Treach Naughty by Nature hip hop music video throwback Mourn You Till I Join You

19 years since we lost a legend – 2Pac Amaru Shakur

Kendrick Lamar Tupac Amaru Shakur 2Pac alcaTsar Singapore

Some anniversaries come around and catch you off guard. 19 years since rapper Tupac passed away under tragic circumstances? Hard to fathom it’s been that long. Long regarded as one of the greats the life and career of Tupac has often been marred in controversy.

After the success of “Straight Outta Compton” there’s been talks of resurrecting his biopic but can they find an actor who has as much charisma? Those are some big shoes to fill.

This year Kendrick Lamar, regarded as this generations most passionate emcees, pays his respects to one of his idols. Also check out a throwback video from Treach, of Naughty by Nature fame. There have been many tracks dedicate to Tupac but this is probably the most heartfelt.

R.I.P. Tupac “Makaveli” Shakur

Check out the music video by Treach, from Naughty by Nature, and his dedication to the late, great 2Pac Shakur:

Kendrick Lamar’s tribute to Tupac:

Kendrick Lamar 2Pac Shakur 19th Anniversary alcaTsar Singapore


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