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Max Landis I heard your pitch for Man of Steal 2 and here’s mine

Right now the geek world probably sees Max Landis as their version of Diablo Cody. A writer who showed signs of brilliance in an early debut (2012’s Josh Trank feature directorial debut “Chronicle” and 2007’s Ellen Page starrer “Juno” respectively) but slowly eroded the goodwill with poor professional and personal choices.

Coming off of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart stoner spy action comedy “American Ultra” it’s easy for his critics to raise their pitchforks and burn him at the stake. Even his forthcoming “Victor Frankenstein”, where Professor X himself James McAvoy portrays the mad scientist and Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe portrays the most handsome cinematic Igor to date, doesn’t look all that hot. Detractors may be awaiting his downfall but I feel the dude genuinely loves geek properties and with some restraint he could do some wonderful work.

His idea for a potential “Man of Steel” sequel probably isn’t that project. Check out his pitch below.

Screenwriter Max Landis pitches his idea for a Superman centric sequel to 2013’s divisive Superman reboot “Man of Steel”:

For the first act his sequel idea gets it right. Too bad it’s also what we’ll probably see in next years “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. The team-up with Batman in the third act robs this of being a true “solo” sequel. Something I do like is Lex Luthor working together with Kal El as sort of a “father figure”.

Zack Snyder made a lot of poor choices with his first DC universe movie. Everything from tone to the characterisation of The Last Son of Krypton to plot elements needed work. Why Hollywood feels the need to reinvent characters baffles me especially one who has remained in public conciousness for 75 years!!!! Since we can’t change the past maybe they’ll fix the future.

Every comic book nerd would think his vision would be better than an accomplished directors or writers. Even me. So here’s how I’d fix the issues created by writer David Goyer in his Superman reboot:

Since the plot point of Kal-El pretty much being a pariah after the wanton destruction of Metropolis already exists I’d retain it. Addressing the concerns filmgoers had with his first outing isn’t just sensible, it’s smart.  

Seeking the peoples forgiveness and wanting to repair his reputation Superman becomes a sentinel for the U.S. military. Of course on his own terms. Staying out of human conflicts he helps monitor crisis and only steps in to protect civilians. Thanks to his presence countless lives are saved.

Having a demigod at their side raises the concerns of other nations and warlords. When a shipment of Wayne Enterprises OMAC tech goes missing and turns up in a war torn nation the world scrambles to uncover how this happened. Lois Lane is assigned the story and a hot-shot photo journo James Olsen joins her on her exploits.

Budding reporter Clark Kent is assigned to cover the launch of Lex Corp’s own droid program funded by the government. Patriotic Lex Luthor has the ambition of one day being the most powerful man in the world – the President of the United States. Though he secretly views Superman as a threat to his goal he decides to work with him for the greater good of his nation. Lex Corp’s droid program aims to create a sentinel unit that mirrors Supermans abilities to assist him on missions. This requires the cooperation of Superman for research to improve the squadron to which he agrees. Through their collaboration both man and alien gain great admiration for eachother.

Wayne Enterprises continues to be investigated for its involvement in the stolen OMAC tech. All this time their playboy billionaire heir Bruce Wayne is globetrotting and not giving a care.

Lane and Olsen discover a shadowy organisation called A.R.G.U.S. which had supplied the stolen OMAC’s. As they get close to finding out the identity of A.R.G.U.S. operatives they’re abducted. Clark Kent learns of this and although he cannot be involved in human issues as Superman, decides to locate both Lois and James as a reporter for The Daily Planet.

Hacking into Lane’s notes he is able to learn of the existence of A.R.G.U.S. and decides to follow the existing trail. This leads him to uncover an covert government program to find other metahumans living amongst us and weopenise them. Clark, ever the boy scout, decides his alter-ego shouldn’t be directly involved. As Superman he approaches Luthor to send in the droids. Luthor agrees but only after convincing him to lead the squadron as they’re not perfected.

In the ensuing attack on the A.R.G.U.S. facility Kal-El uncovers the existence of a database on other metahumans some of whom have been captured. Another list on rogue characters the agency has eyes on is also found. Before Lois can save the data the facility is destroyed by a malfunctioning Lex Corp droid. 

Brought before the supreme court for treason Superman speaks to the world about the distrust between metahumans and humans. To earn and maintain their trust Superman and the captured metahumans decide to form The Justice League to be funded by Lex Corp. 

Their first mission to apprehend a masked vigilante listed on the rogues databases known only as The Batman.

That’s my contribution to fan fiction. How’d I do?


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