Nice Guy Ryan Gosling’s Drive 2: The Uber Years

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Before you go see Ryan Gosling in his latest action comedy “The Nice Guys” this weekend you might like to check out the trailer for his next – “Drive 2: The Uber Years”.

Check out “Drive 2” trailer starring Ryan Gosling:

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Okay so it’s not really Mr Gosling but you have to admit it’s pretty hilarious. YouTuber Joey Thompson, who bares an uncanny resemblance to the “Notebook” hearthrob, takes on the role of “The Driver” from Nicolas Winding Refn 2011 crime drama “Drive”.

Official Trailer for Drive 2: The Uber Years (2016) Ryan Gosling

Full credits below

Ryan Gosling – Joey Thompson
Directed by Fabio Frey
Director of Photography – Mark Phillips
Camera Assist – Bill Meese
Voice 1 – Richard Green
Voice 2/Getaway driving boss – Kevin Kelly
Love interest – Brenna Darling (@darlingbrenna01)
Girl 1 – Becky Robinson (@beckyrobinson4)
Girl 2 – Keely Kathleen Williams (@keelykathleen)
Girl 3 – Katie Gunderson (@katie.gunderson)
Teen 1 – Pedro Correa (@thepedrochannel)
Teen 2 – Morgan Lindholm (@molindholm)
Bank Robber – Nikhil Deshpande
Bro 1 – Daniel Weingarten (@dwcomedy)
Bro 2 – Dustin Ybarra (@dustin_ybarra)
Old Woman – Vera Taylor
Woman with Baby – Sally Mullins
Man in Shower – Martin Blanken
Jack Sparrow- @captainjackofhollywood
Michael Jackson – @mjofla

Written by – Joey Thompson, Fabio Frey, Pedro Correa, Jacob Zulanch, Nikhil Deshpande
Edited by Fabio Frey, Joey Thompson, Pedro Correa
After Effects – DJ Fubu
Associate Producer – Jacob Zulanch
Production Assistants – Jake Dubberstein, Tori Musciano
Stunt Driving – Den Harrow
Casting – J Thomas Casting
Costume – Connor Wilks

Music (no copyrighted infringement intended)
“F**K Up Some Commas” – Future
“Tick of the Clock” – The Chromatics
“On the Beach” – Cliff Martinez
“The Drone” – College
“Oh My Love” – Riz Ortolani
“Uber Everywhere Remix” – Madeintyo ft Travis Scott

Shot around Los Angeles, California

Based off of “Drive” Directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan

Check out more videos from Joey Thompson’s YouTube channel

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The Nice Guys Cast & Crew Information:

Latest movie trailer on alcaTsar blog Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Phillipines Hong Kong India Director : Shane Black
Producers : Joel Black
Screenplay : Shane Black, Anthony Bagarozzi
Cast : Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Matt Bomer
Website : The Nice Guys movie website
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The Nice Guys Asia Release Date:

The Nice Guys Hong Kong Release Date : Unavailable at time of publishing
The Nice Guys Indonesia Release Date : Unavailable at time of publishing
The Nice Guys Malaysia Release Date : Unavailable at time of publishing
The Nice Guys Philippines Release Date : 25 May 2016
The Nice Guys Singapore Release Date : 19 May 2016
The Nice Guys UK Release Date : 19 May 2016
The Nice Guys USA Release Date : 20 May 2016
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“The Nice Guys” Plot Summary:

Joey Thompson, vlogger, comedian and Ryan Gosling lookalike, created a very clever parody sequel to the 2011 film Drive entitled “Drive 2: The Uber Years“. Rather than freelancing as a criminal wheel-man however, in the sequel Gosling‘s character instead uses his handy motoring skills to drive for Uber, where the clients are far more challenging. (Plot Summary via LaughingSquid)

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